Frequently asked questions

Which devices are supported?

Android versions starting from 4.1.x and IOS versions from 11.0 are supported.

Can the app be used with speech control?

We are working on making the app useable without visual input, so you can use with Siri or Google Now.

Can I use the app with my headphones?

We would advise against using headphones for safety reasons.

What is the clicking sound in the app?

The clicking noise is an audible aid that plays whenever the phone's x-degree tilt passes the zero-mark.

What is the static noise in the app?

The static noise is played when the phone is leveled or near leveled, which is intended as another help indicator.

How can I use the app?

An introduction on how to use the app can be found here.

Do you collect data?

We don't collect data, nor do we encourage it. This is also a reason for the app being released on this website, if you do not trust downloading apps via the Play Store.

Did you experience any bugs?

Please contact us via email at soniapp@uni-bremen.de.


Audio delay

Please do not use Bluetooth headphones as they tend to have delay. The audio will not be in realtime and thus the app will not offer the best usage experience.