Sonic-Tilt Competition 2023


Tiltification is a spirit level app for mobile phones utilizing psychoacoustic sonification to enable users level their phones for the sake of leveling furniture or taking perfectly horizontal photos. With over 20,000 downloads this app really reached the masses.

But the sound is … terrible! At least for the majority of people who never got in contact with sonification before.

Can you do it better? This is your chance:

Tim Ziemer and the ICAD community present the

Sonic Tilt Competition

  1. Download and install Sonic Tilt, our open-source version of Tiltification.
  2. Kick out our nasty sound and replace it with your own sonification design.
  3. Compile the app, document how your sonification works and
  4. hand it in for the Sonic Tilt Competition @ICAD2023!

Except for Pure Data, no programming skills are necessary! Are you an artists, sound designer, researcher, student, engineer, or a creative person from any other field? Then you are welcome to participate in the competition for the best sonification design.

How to Participate

Just follow our written instruction manual, and/or our video tutorial to set everything up.

Your sound design approach may be musical, comical, psychoacoustical, based on soundscapes, animal sounds, the human voice or … you name it! Your focus may lie on accessibility, readiness, learnability, entertainment, precision, enjoyment, … or any suitable compromise.

Please hand in your compiled app together with a short paper that includes your own app name, an explanation of your concept, a documentation of your sonification implementation, and ideally a link to demo videos and/or the description and results of a user study or any other evaluation of your sonification, and a reference to our papers on Tiltification ( and

In the spirit of the ICAD2023: Sonification for the Masses! The winning sonification design will be released in the Google Play Store, advertised through our channels, and naturally: You will be credited!

Important Dates

  • The deadline for submitting the app and the documentation is 12th May 2023
  • The presentation of your apps and the declaration of the winner will take place @ICAD2023 on 26th June 2023 remotely, and in Norrköping, Sweden.

What Requirements should your Sonification Design fulfill?

Your sonification design should receive an x- and a y-angle to control a sonification that guides the app user towards the (x = 0, y = 0) coordinate. This coordinate is reached, when the smartphone is leveled. Your version of Tiltification may be:

  • easy to learn and understand
  • super-precise
  • engaging and fun to use
  • pleasant to listen to
  • ...

leveling a table
Tiltification should help you level a table

setting up a caravan
Tiltification should help you set up a caravan

hanging a painting
Tiltification should help you align a painting

taking a photo
Tiltification should help you take perfectly horizontal photos

A thorough explanation of Tiltification can be found in our YouTube Playlist. Use Sonic Tilt to build and run Tiltification using your own sonification design.