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This Master project had 20 participants. In order to organize the group work, multiple teams were formed that focused on a specific topic each. Each project member was active in multiple teams which also provided for vital exchange between groups. For example, the website team was in charge of creating and maintaining this website while its members contribute to other tasks as well.

Project members


  • Dr. phil. Tim Ziemer


  • Fida Mohammad Ahmadi
  • Malte Asendorf
  • Debaditya Bhowmik
  • Jiumeng Chen
  • Kelly Huynh
  • Moritz Kienzle
  • Steffen Kleinert
  • Endy Jatawan Kruesilp
  • Ying Ying Lee
  • Wei Luo
  • Navid Mirzayousef Jadid
  • Ahmed Awadin
  • Varun Raval
  • Rachel Ringe
  • Eve Emily Sophie Schade
  • Hasanur Jaman Seam
  • Kashish Sharma
  • Xin Wang
  • Colin Weber
  • Helena Winkler
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About the project

Sonification Apps was a Master project during the 2020/21 winter term at the University of Bremen.

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