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Sonification Apps was a Master project during the 2020/21 winter semester at the University of Bremen. The target of this project was to use sonification to get accurate information on spatial orientation. In detail, a spirit level mobile application by the name Tiltification has been developed to illustrate how sound can be used to achieve this. The auditory signal changes depending on the orientation of the device in space.

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Tiltification uses the mobile phone’s sensors to calculate its orientation in space. That information is then translated to auditory feedback with our sonification, which, once learned, allows you to determine the leveling status just by listening.


No need to look at the screen, thanks to audio feedback.

Modern interface

Intuitive interface with simplified controls.


Filtered angles to get the best results.

One/two level

Users can decide to measure with one or two axis.


Levelling presets, manual mode and screen orientation


We don't collect any data, nor use in-app ads.

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What sets apart Tiltification from other spirit levels is its auditory feedback. This, for example, not only can be of use when leveling something overhead but also provides a way for visually impaired people to use a spirit level. During the development of the project different aspects of accessibility like colourblind-friendly visualisations and designing for screen readers were taken into consideration.

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This Master project had 20 participants. In order to organize the group work, multiple teams were formed that focused on a specific topic each.

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